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How To Find And Hide The Location Where A Photo Was Taken
Being able to see where a photo was taken can come in handy on multiple occasions. Though, under certain circumstances, one could also prefer to hide this information from public view.In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to access and hide a photo’s location information on both mobile and desktop.How to see/hide a photo’s location on Windows and MacThe process is quite simple. On Windows: Import […]

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone
Moving stuff from your primary device to a new one is somehow time-consuming. However, if you follow the correct method for the purpose, you will save a lot of time. Similarly, transferring photos from Android to iPhone might be a problem to you. No problem: we will help you with the best methods to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. Here, we present you the three easiest methods which you can follow […]

How To Download Your Facebook Photos
Facebook has one of the biggest online photo directory with over 350 million photos uploaded every single day. With such big photo directory and full control over your photos, it is likely you may like to know how you can download your photos.Fortunately, Facebook makes it quite easy to download photos. You can easily download a single photo or all of your photos right from your Facebook profile.

How To Hide Your Photos on Android
Your Android phone can store a lot of data and your private data as well. The most common data which you may like to keep private is your “personal” photos. If you have any photos in your phone that you may not like anyone seeing, then it is better to hide or password protect them.You never know when you may have to give your phone to someone else or show […]


Google Photos Delivers Unlimited Storage Across Platforms
Google is far from satisfied with the announcement of just Android M alone, as the technology giant too, has taken a keen interest in organizing your collection of photos. Earlier this year, we did learn of how Google+ has split into Google Photos and Streams, and here we are with word that the Google Photos app for iOS, Android and Web platforms will come with unlimited storage, now how about […]

Photos And Auto Backup Could Get Huge Changes
Now here is a rumor that you might very well want to keep your eyes peeled out for – we have heard of whispers that point to major changes happening to the Photos app and experience some time later this week. In fact, word on the street has it that Google is about to shake things up, and the number of changes will in all probability include Photos in addition […]

Aperture Will No Longer Be Sold Upon Photos For OS X Release
Last year Apple announced that they would cease the development of their photo editing software Aperture. This meant that the version you’re using is probably the version you’re stuck with. Instead Apple would be launching an app called Photos which will combine some of Aperture’s editing functions and the iPhotos app.The goal is to create a more user-friendly app that will come with the right amount of editing tools that […]

Photos For OS X Beta Previewed
It does seem as though Apple’s very first beta of the upcoming Photos application for OS X points users in the direction of a sleek, uncluttered interface which will make one feel as though using it is a very natural thing, especially for those who have already made use of the modern Photos app for iPhone and iPad. Not only that, the Photos app for OS X will also bring […]

Photos For OS X Removed From Apple's Website, Hints At Possible Delay
Last year Apple announced that they would be ceasing the development of their Aperture photography app. However the Photos app would be taking its place where it is expected to come with both basic and advanced features, allowing the novice and professional to edit their photos with ease.Apple did not provide a specific date as to when the app would be released, but it was part of the OS X […]

New LG Pocket Photo Printer Launched
LG today launched its new Pocket Photo 2.0 “smart mobile printer,” touted as an excellent travel companion, this nifty little printer can connect through NFC and Bluetooth with Android and iOS mobile devices and let users print custom 5.1 x 7.6cm photos. The new LG Pocket Photo is 4mm thinner than its predecessor but it doesn’t compromise on performance. In fact, the new model offers more prints per charge, 30 […]

LG Revolution spotted in the wild
The LG Revolution – LG’s 4G LTE phone for Verizon was first introduced at CES earlier this year, though we still haven’t got a clue when the phone will be out yet or how much it costs, there’s some good news. The phone has been making its way to the hands of testers recently, which brings the phone one step closer to finding a spot on retail outlet shelves. The […]

iPhone FaceTime bug stores pictures without you knowing
It looks like FaceTime does more than just let you and your loved ones video call over WiFi – according to recent reports cropping up on the Apple discussion forums, the video calling app on the iPhone 4 scares people too. A user has reported that still images of old conversations would show up randomly when she made FaceTime calls. Sometimes the bug even shows images that weren’t taken while […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro: caught in the wild again
The successor to Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 Mini Pro was spotted at the end of last year, and once again at the beginning of the year. Now, even more photographs of the Android device have surfaced online. Some folks managed to get their hands on the phone and snapped some pictures for the whole world to see. From what we can tell, it looks a lot like the previous version […]

Creepy app is really creepy
If you’re constantly posting up pictures and sharing them with the world, you should be prepared to face the consequences. An app for the desktop computer called Creepy is a “geolocation information aggregator”. It has the ability to sniff out the locations that a person has been, and where they like going just by sniffing out data on the internet. Almost everything online has some location data attached to it […]

Camera Mic lets you take photos using your iPhone mic
If you have trouble hitting the on-screen button on your iPhone whenever you take a photograph and wish that you had a physical button to press, you must’ve been let down after Apple removed apps from the iTunes App Store that remapped the physical buttons on the iPhone to take photographs. Well fret not, Camera Mic is here. This app doesn’t repurpose the buttons on your iPhone to trigger the […]

Convert your negatives and slides into digital photographs with the iConvert
If you’ve been a photographer before you owned a DSLR, I’m pretty sure you must have amassed a huge collection of negatives – especially if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to throw things away just because you might have a need for it in the future. Well fret not, a solution is here. Called the iConvert, this useful gadget should be a must-have for all you folks […]

Photos: Nokia N8 Begins To Ship
Considering how the Nokia N8 is a big deal for the mobile phone giant, it’s no surprise that there was quite a bit of disappointment going around when it was announced that the phone would be slightly delayed a short while ago. The good news is that the phone has officially begun to ship, and just to make sure we all get the message that the N8, a phone that […]

Disney Asks Users to Share Memories on Newly Launched Social Media Site
Mickey and friends are launching a new social media site called Disney Memories where Disney is asking you to share your favorite memories about your experiences with Disney and its theme parks. Disney Memories will be a portal where users can upload photos, videos, and experiences, and share them with the Internet. However, in doing so, users will also, by agreeing to the End User Licensing Agreement, agree to have […]

Kodak Slice touchscreen digital camera
[CES 2010] The touchscreen revolution is well underway even where digital cameras are concerned, and the latest among these would be the Kodak Slice which doubles up as an impromptu digital photo album as well. You get 2GB of internal memory, alongside a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen display with anti-reflective coating and 16:9 aspect ratio. Photos can be captured in high detail thanks to its 14-megapixel CCD sensor with a 5x […]

Cloud storage nightmare with Flickr
In silicon valley, you can’t have a conversation in a group (of geeks) without hearing about a cloud-fanatic who’s going to get rid of all local storage and live “in the cloud”. Sounds cool, but that shouldn’t prevent one from doing backups. A Flickr user learned the hard way when his account got hacked and 3000 of his photos were deleted by the hacker, who also closed his account. The […]