raspberry pi 2DIY enthusiasts who would love nothing better than to tinker around with a brand new mini computer on your own, here is some news that you might find to be a wonderful start to a brand new week – I am referring to the recently announced Raspberry Pi 2, of course, where there are no prizes for guessing as to which model it will succeed. This particular mini computer innard will see the inclusion of a quad-core processor alongside double the amount of memory so that it can handle far more intensive processing tasks compared to its predecessor. In fact, the Pi Foundation thinks that this successor to the Raspberry Pi microprocessor will be able to be elevated into the PC space.

Pi creator, Eben Upton, told TechCrunch, “With the Pi 1, there were people using it as a PC but you had to make allowances for the fact it was a $35 PC. The big difference with the Pi 2 is it’s a PC. It’s not a PC which is pretty good considering it cost you $35. It’s a PC that’s pretty good. We think there’s a real opportunity here… we’ve got a web browser, you can install LibreOffice on it, and then you’ve got a machine which is quite plausible as an entry-level PC.”

In fact, we already learned that Windows 10 will be released for the Raspberry Pi 2, which makes the entire kit all the more exciting.

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