sense 1Some of you guys might recall that back in July 2014, we reported on a sleep monitoring device called Sense. The device was launched on Kickstarter and blew past its initial goal of $100,000 and was meant to begin shipping to its backers in November, but unfortunately delays prevented it from going out on time.

The good news is that if you have backed the device, you will be pleased to learn that the company has recently announced that Sense units are starting to ship out to its backers, and that for those who did not back the project but would like to get their hands on it are able to do so where it will be priced at $129 each, with new orders expected begin shipping later this month.

As a quick recap for those who missed our report from last year, Sense is a sleep monitoring device that does more than the typical sleep tracker. It is able to listen out for loud noises, ambient light, temperature, and humidity, all of which could potentially affect your sleep and ultimately offers up much more comprehensive information than other trackers.

With the data Sense gives to its users, they will be able to adjust their environment accordingly, like turn up/down the air-con, turn off all the lights, and etc. so ensure a good night’s rest. All users will need is the main Sense device and a “Pill” which attaches to the pillow. The Pills can be bought separately if there is more than one user who would like to track their sleep.

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