Finally, Swatch has revealed its update to its current touchscreen watch, specifically the Swatch Touch. Introducing the Swatch Touch Zero One, a fitness watch made to cater the needs of beach volleyball players specifically. Just like most fitness watch, STZO too can track calories burned and monitor data such as steps taken by its wearer, but the main integrated purpose of its design is in fact to track and focus on volleyball-specific maneuvers like “dive”, “spike” and even something high fiving your team members.

The STZO will then send that information to the Swatch’s app where the volleyball skill of the player will be measured and rank from zero to a hundred. The functions are not simply a “hit counter” that measures the amount of time a player hits the ball but instead will be able to differentiate four different type of hits such as attack hits, low hits, high hits and high fives by measuring the strength of the hit. Compiling the data and creating graph overviews and report on the progress of the user over the course of days or months.

The Swatch Touch Zero one will run on battery power. As the screen are more or less in black and white (Digital) it doesn’t even require a charging every night after use. Swatch say that the battery will, in fact last “for months and months”. It is schedule to be released later this year with a decent price tag of $160 each. So far Swatch has not confirmed the colours available for the STZO.

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