While Easter is still some time away, this does not mean that one should not enjoy the presence of Easter Eggs at the moment. The Easter Eggs that we are talking about here will involve the likes of hidden surprises or secrets – normally found in games, but Tesla has a rather creative streak in them, too, which is why Tesla owners will be able to transform their precious Models S ride into James Bond’s submersible Lotus Esprit. Not in real life, however, but rather, in an on-screen format.

Just how is this achieved? It is all very easy, actually, where the Model S owner will need to tap and hold the Tesla logo button, key in “007”, and then drop the suspension all the way to 20,000 – and we are talking in terms of leagues here.

Of course, there is a reason for this special Easter Egg, since both Tesla and Lotus do happen to have a bit of history with each other. When Tesla was first starting out, they required engineering assistance and called upon the help of Lotus. Having signed licensing agreements for key segments of Lotus technology, Tesla eventually let Lotus manufacture the car. What do you think of this particular Easter Egg? Pretty cool, right?

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