microsoft__logoPrior to the release of the Windows 10 preview for phones, Microsoft revealed that they were working on bringing the preview onto 512MB devices. It was assumed that this was on top of the preview arriving for some of the other high-end Windows Phone handsets, but unfortunately upon its release, the handsets that were supported weren’t exactly flagship material.

So what gives? Why would Microsoft ignore higher-end handsets? This is a question many have been asking and in a reply to one of the questions, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore revealed that there are too many issues at the moment which is why the technical preview has yet to be officially released to some of the higher-end Windows Phone devices.

According to Belfiore, “We ARE working on 1520 and other phones. We were hoping to release more with 1st preview, but too many issues still.” Unfortunately Belfiore did not provide a timeline as to when these issues will be sorted, but hopefully with the feedback Microsoft is getting from the Insider program, they will be able to zero in on the problems and get out the second release soon which will support additional handsets.

At the moment according to the list of supported devices, it lists the Lumia 630, Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 638, Lumia 730, and the Lumia 830, which like we said hardly screams flagship.

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