Steam-MaliciousWebsiteFlagThere are many players who log onto Steam on a daily basis and thanks to the Steam chat service, you are able to chat with friends as well as other gamers who might share similar interests. Now we reckon that these chats could be for just about anything but it seems that if you’re looking to talk about torrents, Valve won’t be too pleased about that.

According to reports, it seems that Valve has taken it upon themselves to censor chats where there might be a reference to a torrent made in them. Like we said given that these chats could be just about anything, we’re not sure if a blanket censorship on torrents would make sense, but apparently that’s what’s going on.

It also seems that the entire message is censored and not just the offending website, unlike other chat services where swear words or links to unsavory websites are censored, leaving the rest of the message intact, but we guess Valve just doesn’t want anyone discussing torrents to begin with.

The torrent website KickassTorrents is being targeted specifically, although Valve has yet to comment on why they are only targeting that torrent website. For those unfamiliar, KickassTorrents recently had their domain seized and perhaps Valve’s censorship is the company trying to do their part in ensuring that no one else hears about it.

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