tumblr-fixIt looks like the popular blogging platform known as Tumblr is currently working on hiding “torrent” related posts from the masses. In fact, the term “torrent” has been given an “upgrade”, so to speak, to the site’s adult filter, and this particular move is seen to stop folks from coming across what could be deemed to be “offensive” content.

I suppose this is a reflection of the current situation that piracy is starting to be a growing concern for micro-blogging platform Tumblr. It was earlier in the week that users actually experienced a certain level of panic after an increase in takedown notices, and this has also ended up with the termination of a handful of blogs.

Right now, it seems that if you were to search the site for “torrent” related queries, you would end up with virtually no results shown – at all, never mind that there is a slew of posts that does make mention of the word. Apart from that, this also holds true for posts that have been tagged with “torrent.” It is similar to the situation where Torrent references made in Steam chat have been touted to be censored. What a bummer, right? Still, this is not going to stop folks from searching for other alternatives. [Press Release]

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