vaio-smartphoneIn the middle of last month, we did learn that there were a couple of devices which were announced by VAIO – the VAIO Z and VAIO Z Canvas, which do seem to shape up to be a pretty decent tablet individually. Having said that, we have received word from the grapevine that VAIO could be making plans to enter the smartphone market with a brand new handset, now how about that? VAIO used to be part of Sony once, but since 2014, they have ended up under the umbrella of Japanese Industrial Partners (JIP).

Well, new rumors have surfaced, touting that the brand will be debuting a smartphone in due time, with the alleged release date being set at March 12 for the new smartphone’s release. Sony still holds approximately 5% of VAIO’s shares, which might not sound as though it amounts to much on paper, but it is still more than enough to fuel a partnership between the companies.

Of course, until something official is revealed, all of this might just very well be a rumor – so do take it with a pinch of salt. The image above is meant for illustration purposes only, and does not point to anything poignant or concrete at all.

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