Youtube on Android

You can now trim and upload videos from your Android device all in a same app. The latest update to the YouTube app on Android has offers a new useful feature which allows the user to trims video right before uploading their video online.


Previously, users are required to either upload an entire video shot with their devices or edit it with a third party app. And it seemed that such procedure could only hassled the users’ experience. Now all is in the past, as with the new app, you can now start uploading and immediately trim the video on the go. In the app, you’ll first see a timeline with two control points, that the feature that allows you to set the beginning and the end of the video as you wish to show to the world.

And it’s pretty precise, hold down on either handle and the view zooms in roughly 1/30th of a second, allowing you to trim the content to an exact point almost frame by frame. Once completed and satisfied of how you want the video to be, you can then preview it to see your handiwork.

The updated version of the YouTube app for Android is available on Google Play Store. Its iOS counterpart however has yet to be updated with the same feature, which we’d expect it to catch up soon enough.

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