apple_logoThe sound and display quality of Apple products are pretty good. They might not necessarily be the best of the best, but for the most part they are decent and depending on your preference, impressive. However it looks like Apple’s audio and display hardware could soon be getting a boost thanks to a recent hire.

According to the folks at 9to5Mac, they have learnt that Apple has recruited Dolby executive VP Mike Rockwell who will be an executive at Apple’s hardware division. Rockwell’s role at Apple has not yet be specified but it is expected that he might have a hand in helping boost the audio and display quality of future Apple products.

Dolby is a company that is often linked with sound so we guess that’s expected, however Rockwell’s involvement in Dolby Vision which has been described as “state-of-the-art color display technology” is rather interesting and like we said, could end up helping Apple to improve upon its display technology in its product lineup.

Prior to this, we have seen Apple hire various sound experts. Previously the Cupertino company had brought THX’s pioneer Tomlinson Holman on board, followed by several notable audio engineers with work experience from the likes of Sony. The latest hire of Rockwell could be a sign that Apple could be thinking of improving upon its audio technology, but we suppose that remains to be seen.

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