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When it comes to electric vehicles, our minds will probably think of Telsa, thanks to the advancements in technology they’ve made and also thanks to the outspokenness of their CEO, Elon Musk. However when it comes to self-driving cars, there is no real clear leader at this point simply because such cars have yet to be commercialized.


In fact we’ve seen efforts from a variety of companies ranging from car makers such as Volvo to tech companies including Google, and if the rumors are to be believed, Apple as well. That being said it seems that Elon Musk believes that when the time does roll around when self-driving cars are commercialized, Telsa will be the company leading the way.

This was revealed during NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in which Musk expressed his optimism that a fully autonomous driving system might only be a year away from being a reality, although he does admit that regulatory hurdles would probably cause some delays from it hitting the mainstream market.

Musk also stated that one of the key areas they had to focus on was to ensure that cars would be protected from hacks, such as introducing physical controls for a manual override, and also to try to sandbox different aspects of the car so that in the event the infotainment system has been hacked, the actual operation of the vehicle remains unaffected.

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