A fortnight ago the Federal Communications Commission voted on its new net neutrality rules which regulate broadband internet as a public utility. Today a 313-page document has been made public which brings to light all of FCC’s new net neutrality rules. The document is open to all and those who are willing to peruse it can do so now. Lawmakers and advocates have been eagerly awaiting this release and now they can get to work dissecting it.

FCC’s new rules reclassify broadband internet as a telecommunications service and not an information one. This means that it can now impose tougher regulation under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. FCC wants to do its bit to protect the open internet and make it illegal for broadband providers to establish fast lanes for certain content.

Broadband providers are already expected to take the FCC to court since many of them don’t agree with its new rules. On the other hand before the FCC even voted on this matter it received public support from President Obama who came out in favor of Title II reclassification.

Those who are interested to read the entire set of FCC’s new net neutrality rules can find the 313-page document here.

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