Google still hasn’t figured out social. The network it has been trying to hawk for years, Google+, will now be split up into individual services. The man who was leading the charge, Vic Gundotra, has already left the company. Bradley Horowitz is now in the lead and he has already said that Google+ and Photos are being considered as separate products. So what service will users now rely upon to back up their phone’s picture library? It looks like that responsibility will soon go to Google Drive.

A teardown of the most recent update of Google Drive reveals preliminary code which hints that a photo backup feature might soon be added to the app. The feature would behave like Google+ or the Photos app, allowing users to upload their phone’s picture library to the cloud.

The most recent update of Google Drive brought support for Drag and Drop. Google does leave behind preliminary code in its apps from time to time which often gives us a glimpse of upcoming features. This is the reason why it is being considered highly like that Google Drive will soon be responsible for backing up photos.

The code also points towards support for Chromecast, which will let users throw up their images on the big screen, provided they have a Chromecast hooked up to it.

There is no official word as yet when this feature might go live in the Google Drive app.

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