google-cancer_3235181bWhile Google might be known as a company that helps users search the internet, check their emails, connect with friends, and so on, the company has dived into other areas that might not necessarily be particularly mainstream. Last year it was revealed that the company had plans to help battle cancer by creating a pill that would help “paint” cancer cells in the human body.

Now according to a recently discovered patent filed by Google, it looks like Google might have an accompanying device that could actually help get rid of that cancer. Basically the device is a wearable that can be worn on the wrist, like a fitness band or a smartwatch. According to the patent, it talks about a process called “nanoparticle phoresis” that is able to transmit energy into a person’s body through radio frequencies, magnetic fields, acoustic pulses, infrared, and more.

The idea here is that the energy being transmitted from the wearable into the person’s body is able to target certain cells in their bloodstream, like those that have been “painted” with the cancer detecting pill we talked about earlier. From there magnetic energy could then be used to help draw them out of the wearer’s bloodstream.

In fact it could be used not just for cancer, but other diseases too. For example Google has pointed out that there are certain proteins that have been implicated as potential causes for Parkinson’s, so by targeting these proteins with the wearable, it could ultimately help slow the onset of the disease. Of course it remains to be seen if Google would ever create such a device, but it’s an intriguing idea and does sound like it has a lot of potential.

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