Google-Store-Tour-2As you might have heard, Google has recently set up shop in London, UK which would be a great place to go if you’re looking to check out some Google products that you’d rather see and test physically. However what if you’re not in the UK? Does that mean that you’re basically out of luck?

We suppose that does seem to be the case, but if you’re looking to experience what it might be like to be in the store, Google has recently released a new Cardboard app that basically gives you the ability to take a tour of their retail location virtually. Given that Cardboard was designed to be a virtual reality headset, we reckon it should be a somewhat immersive experience.

According to Google, “Step inside the new Google shop launching at Currys PC World in London. This special virtual reality tour is a five-minute walkthrough by a Google Associate. The experience takes you through the interactive space and gives an informative, up-close view of the Google shop’s features and experiences.”

Of course this isn’t the same thing as being there and it will require you to own a Cardboard device in order to take advantage of it, but if you already do then perhaps this could be worth checking out.

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