Just when you thought that there was nothing fresh on YouTube to check out any more, both Intel and Kolor have come together to roll out the what could very well be the 1st interactive 360-degree music video clip on YouTube. This particular music video clip is made possible after taking advantage of the brand new 360-degree video support available on the platform.

Where cutting edge technology is concerned, 360-degree video will be able to capture the action as well as the environment, regardless of the directions, simultaneously. In other words, anyone will be able to turn in the video with the mouse or, if you were to view it using a mobile device, this act is done by just moving the device in order to feel as though one is right smackin the middle of the action.

The music video in question was recorded with the help of half a dozen GoPros which have been mounted on a Freedom360 video rig, before it is processed on a desktop computer that runs on an Intel Core i7 processor, accompanied by integrated Intel Iris graphics. Kolor Autopano Video Pro software was utilized to stitch the half dozen source videos together, of course. YouTube will only show off such videos on the Chrome browser and their Android app, since it also happens to be hosted on the specialized 360-degree video platform Kolor Eyes, that will play nice with all modern browsers and mobile devices.

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