The HTC One M9 is a beautifully designed smartphone that many owners would probably would not want to damage, but for the sake of testing purposes, Phil Esposito decided to put the handset to the test by submerging it in water and dropping it on the ground. How did it fare? As it turns out the HTC One M9 is a tad more water resistant than we thought, but not so durable.

As HTC mentioned last time, the HTC One M9 will have the same protection rating as the HTC One M8 which makes it IPX3, meaning that the phone will be able to withstand some splashes of water, but taking it with you in a deep sea dive or a swim in the pool might be a bad idea. However the folks at TechSmartt decided to dunk it in water and keep it there for a while.

Interestingly enough the phone managed to survive somewhat, although according to Esposito you could hear water sloshing around in it which is unsurprising since it wasn’t designed to be sealed against water. While the phone wasn’t able to turn on later on, the video shows the phone still working while it remained underwater.

As for the drop test, it seems that the HTC One M9 was not designed for hard knocks. The phone was dropped from a variety of heights and angles and it didn’t exactly come as a surprise to see it start to chip away and gain a few dents in the process, followed by a broken screen at the end. Well, at least there’s the HTC Uh-Oh protection, right?

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