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Verizon HTC One M9 Nougat Update Released
Those who are holding on to the HTC One M9 on Verizon can rejoice today as the carrier has finally started rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for this device. They’ve been made to wait a considerable amount of time, particularly when you consider the fact that the unlocked HTC One M9 received its Nougat update in December last year. That’s a heck of a long time to wait […]

Sprint HTC One M9 Nougat Update Rolling Out
Even though the HTC One M9 wasn’t quite the success that HTC would have wanted it to be, there are still quite a lot of people out there who continue to use this device. Those who own it on Sprint will be delighted to find out today that the carrier has now started rolling out the much-awaited Android 7.0 Nougat update for the HTC One M9. Sprint is rolling out […]

T-Mobile HTC One M9 Nougat Update Released
If you happen to own the HTC One M9 on T-Mobile then you might want to pay attention. The carrier has finally started rolling out the highly-anticipated Android 7.0 Nougat update for this handset. The update has actually been released in the United States a bit late considering the fact that many international variants of this handset have already received Nougat elsewhere around the world.

Nougat For T-Mobile’s HTC One M9 Is Under Testing
Last year HTC confirmed that several of their handsets would be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat, and the HTC One M9 was one of them. In fact back in December last year, HTC had begun to roll out the update for the unlocked version of the phone, which means that those locked to a carrier had to wait.


Android 7.0 Nougat Rolling Out To Unlocked HTC One M9
The HTC One M9 was launched last year and following the release of the HTC 10 and the HTC Bolt, we can’t blame you if you think that the HTC One M9 is starting to feel a bit ancient despite it only being a year old. However if you are still holding onto the device, not to worry as Android 7.0 will breathe new life into the device.

HTC Confirms Android Nougat For The HTC 10, One M9, One A9
Yesterday Google confirmed that Android N will be known as Nougat. The update is expected to be released later this year where it will naturally make its way onto Nexus devices first. That leaves the question of which non-Nexus devices will be eligible for the update, and more importantly when will the update be released?

Marshmallow Update Coming To AT&T’s HTC One M8 & One M9 Today
Earlier this year in February, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update was released to HTC’s One M9 on Sprint and T-Mobile. However the question many HTC users were asking is, when will the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update be making its way to HTC handsets on AT&T’s network? The good news is that it will be coming today.

Buy HTC One M9 Today And Get Nexus 9 Free From HTC
HTC is running a new promotion today that’s going to appeal to you if you’re in the market for a new smartphone but wouldn’t mind getting a tablet for free as well. For today only the company is providing a free Nexus 9 tablet, a $399 value, with each purchase of the HTC One M9. The handset itself costs $649.

T-Mobile HTC One M9 Marshmallow Update Released
Countless people who own Android devices are looking forward to receiving the Marshmallow update on their devices. It has been a very slow process so far, the only devices that received the update soon after Google announced it was the company’s own Nexus kit, but gradually other OEMs are rolling out the update as well. Take T-Mobile for example, it has released the Marshmallow update for HTC One M9 today.

Verizon HTC One Marshmallow Update Also Arriving February 16th
It has been a few months since Google released Android 6.0 Marshmallow but many major OEMs have yet to upgrade their flagship handsets to the new firmware. It’s going to be a gradual process for everybody, particularly those with carrier-locked devices, but the pace is likely to increase in the coming weeks. Days after it was confirmed that T-Mobile will release Marshmallow for HTC One M9 on February 16th, it […]

T-Mobile’s HTC One M9 To Get Marshmallow Update Feb 16
Are you looking forward to getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update on your HTC One M9 handset? Last we checked, it was just last week that Sprint starting rolling out the update for their devices, but if you’re a T-Mobile user, don’t worry because neither T-Mobile nor HTC has forgotten about you guys.

Sprint’s HTC One M9 Receiving Android Marshmallow Update
Last week Sprint’s HTC One M8 started to receive its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. During that time, HTC’s VP of Product Management Mo Versi also confirmed that the update for the HTC One M9 was also in the works and would most likely be released the following week. Turns out he was right.

Marshmallow Update For HTC One M9, One A9 Has Been Released
About a fortnight back Mo Versi of HTC had confirmed via Twitter that the company will release Marshmallow for a couple of its handsets before the year ends, and it was later confirmed that the HTC One M9 and the unlocked HTC One A9 would receive said update. The company has followed through on its promise and has now started rolling out Android 6.0 for the unlocked One M9 and […]

Unlocked HTC One M9 To Obtain Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update
So, you happen to be rocking to the brand new HTC One M9, are you? Having said that, you must surely be licking your lips in anticipation to pick up the latest mobile operating system update, and that would be Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With HTC begin to roll out an official Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to its unlocked One M8 not too long ago, surely the same should apply to […]

HTC One M9s Launched In Taiwan
The HTC One M9 is the company’s flagship smartphone and was launched earlier this year. However it looks like before the end of the year, we are treated to another HTC One M9 variant and this time it comes in the form of the HTC One M9s, but despite sharing the name of HTC’s flagship, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.The phone will come with a 5-inch Full HD […]

Purchase One M9 And Get Desire 626 Free From HTC With $100 Credit
HTC often launches “Hot Deals” through which it offers great value for customers who can make a purchase within that short period of time, it’s running one such promotion today that lasts the entire day of November 17th. Those who purchase an HTC One M9 from the company right now will receive a free Desire 626 handset and that’s separate from the $100 in Google Play Store credit that they’re […]

HTC Will Give You $100 To Purchase One M9
It goes without saying that HTC needs to sell quite a few of its devices to get itself out of the financial hole that it’s in right now, the company’s recent quarterly report didn’t do much to ease investors’ concerns regarding the future of HTC. The company has taken to running new promotions in order to get HTC One M9 stock moving, in its latest promotion it offers you $100 in […]

Verizon HTC One M9 Android 5.1 Update Coming Today
HTC One M9 owners on Verizon have long been waiting for the Android 5.1 update to arrive and the long wait finally ends today, it has been confirmed that the aforementioned update will be released for this handset today, August 20th. There are some significant changes included in this update so users advised to be quick to jump on Android 5.1 when it finally goes live for their HTC One M9 […]

HTC Promises New 'Trendy' Devices As Quarterly Results Disappoint Again
Things haven’t been going smoothly for HTC and the company has been under a lot of pressure to plug its losses and turn a profit, unfortunately it wasn’t able to do that by the end of Q2 2015. HTC has announced its financial results for the quarter with a $161 million operating loss and a net loss of $252 million on revenue of $1.04 billion. Clearly there’s some work to […]

Goldplated Smartphone Raises Money For Cecil The Lion's National Park
The world has been outraged by the killing of Cecil the Lion after the famous big cat was lured out of his sanctuary and killed by a hunter. Amid calls for bringing the hunter to justice many have turned their attention to focus on conservation efforts and are generously donating money for the purpose. Goldgenie is a company based in the UK that specializes in goldplating popular smartphones and other electronic […]