We’re sure that many of us would love to own one of Iron Man’s robotic suits, or at least take it out for a spin at least once, but given that it’s just comic book fantasy, chances of that happening are pretty slim, but not for a 7-year old boy by the name of Alex. Alex, it seems, was born with a partially disabled right arm.

After learning about Alex’s disability, Albert Manero who is the founder of Limbitless Solutions decided to team up with OneNote to help build Alex a bionic arm that looks exactly like that of Iron Man’s suit. Manero has built and 3D-printed several bionic arms over the years and delivered them to children, but what makes this particularly deliver so different and touching is that Manero managed to convince Iron Man to make the delivery himself.

Okay, so maybe not Iron Man per se but the actor Robert Downey Jr. who plays Iron Man in the movies (although some argue that Downey Jr.’s real life personality is similar to that of Tony Stark). As expected of many 7-year olds who are fans of superhero movies, Alex recognized Downey Jr. as Iron Man right away and even knew the actor’s first name.

It’s a pretty touching video and we should also point out that Manero’s company also releases the design of their bionic arms so that others can 3D print them as well. One of the goals of his company is “to create a world without limits, where everyone has access to the tools necessary to manufacture simple, affordable and accessible solutions through open source design and 3D printing.”

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