Nowadays our smartphone acts like a hub for other gadgets and accessories, such as wireless headsets, a remote camera control for certain camera models that have WiFi and accompanying apps, smartwatches and fitness bands where our smartphone notifications can be viewed on the wearable, and more. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise as Japanese firm Exiii has recently unveiled a sub-$300 bionic arm that can connect to the wearer’s smartphone.


The arm, dubbed the Handiii, is packed with all sort of electronics and even comes with an EMG sensor, making more than just a regular prosthetic limb. It can detect when your nerves and muscles move which will then be translated by the smartphone and the accompanying app into arm motion where the hand of the arm can open and close as well as move individual fingers.

The fingers can even be swapped out for different tools or even a rubberized stylus if you want to write with it. What makes the arm more affordable is the fact that it is 3D printed that helps make it easier to reproduce. Now for those who are looking to get themselves one of these bionic arms, they are available for purchase at the moment, but there could be some delays.

According to the company, “We apologize in advance that delivery may be delayed due to congestion of 3D printing service.” The company is also looking to supply their arms to enterprises and research institutions.

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