motomaker-moto360Since it is all about individuality these days, standing out from the rest of the crowd rather than being a team player, you might want to check out the Moto 360 smartwatch – but before that, you would want to put it through the paces of Moto Maker in order to have a truly unique creation on your wrist that will not see any fashion clashes with others at the ball. Moto Maker for Moto 360 has just been announced, where interested folks will be able to choose from a trio of case finishes, namely dark metal, light metal or champagne gold.

Once you have decided on the case finish, it is time to take your time to choose one of nine available bands, where among them include leather, metal, and the brand new mono-link design, which is a modern take on the classic metal band style. Further on, there will be a choice of 11 watch faces from which you would want it to adorn your wrist, and there is no need to be boring since you can also swap watch faces from Motorola’s collection or via Google Play later on.

Moto Maker for the Motorola Moto X must have been an indicator to Motorola that this is an idea worth pursuing, even more so where smartwatches are concerned. [Press Release]

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