Motorola’s first smartwatch, the original Moto 360, was very well received. It was one of the first smartwatches on the market to properly nail the circular display design but early adopters felt that it could have been more with better specifications. The second-generation Moto 360 addressed many of those concerns but it didn’t perform too well either and now Google has removed the smartwatch from its online store.

While the second-generation Moto 360 did address many of the shortcomings of the original smartwatch, its $300 price tag turned away many buyers towards more affordably priced options.

Motorola hasn’t really demonstrated any intention of making new smartwatches since then and it’s unclear when it will jump back into this game. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Google has decided to no longer sell the second-generation Moto 360 on the Google Store.

Google has removed the second-generation Moto 360 merely a week after it decided to no longer off all of Fossil’s Android Wear smartwatches on its online store. It appears to be getting rid of the smartwatches that aren’t doing well ahead of the launch of two new smartwatches that it has made with LG.

You can no longer buy a Moto 360 from the Google Store. The company already removed the Moto 360 Sport from the online store just a few months after the smartwatch was released. There are plenty of other online retailers who will sell you a second-generation Moto 360, though, so it’s not like you can’t get your hands on one if you really wanted to.

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