Moto-watchWhen the Moto 360 was first launched, Motorola certainly made a pretty big deal about its design. In an industry where many of the smartwatches released were of the square variety, Motorola made waves with its circular design that was reminiscent of traditional watches. However it wasn’t always that way.

According to photos posted on Gizmo China, it revealed that Motorola had originally been working on a square design for the Moto 360 before turning around and changing it to the circular design we’ve all come to know and love. Based on what we are seeing, there is a very good chance that we are looking at an early prototype, assuming that the device is the real deal.

It is rather basic in terms of its design and at a glance, you probably wouldn’t really give it much thought, versus the current iteration which looks pretty sleek and classy, although there are some who aren’t fans of the flat tyre design. The prototype also sports a singular button and a square display.

There are still plenty of smartwatch makers out there who still believe in the square design, but at the end of the day it really depends on your preferences, but what do you guys think? Would the Moto 360 be just as successful if they had launched a square version?

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