Most of us share so much on social networks every single day that often we forget about pictures, videos or posts about some important events that we might have shared in the past. Over the years Facebook has tried to offer users different ways with which they can surface memories from months and years gone by. None of those features stuck around for very long. Today Facebook is back with a new one. It’s called “On This Day” and the feature will let you look back at photos and memories shared on Facebook.

No wonder Facebook has come out with this new feature given the fact that Timehop is increasingly becoming popular. Timehop also lets users bring up things they shared on Facebook a long time ago.

One This Day works with things you have shared and posts that you have been tagged in. It will show content from this date in the past. So it can either surface a status update from exactly one year ago or a photo shared four years ago.

Only you will see the old content that this feature brings up unless you decide to share it with everyone or selected people in your network.

To access your On This Day page simply click on the bookmark or go to facebook.com/onthisday. You will be allowed to edit and delete old posts that come up. Facebook says that this feature will be rolling out globally on both web and mobile.

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