oneplus-one-cm12If you happen to own the OnePlus One, a smartphone that certainly packs plenty of punch for its relatively affordable price point, chances are you would have done your fair share of checking to see whether the OnePlus One handset in your hand had picked up the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. All of that waiting would have resulted in more waiting, too, despite OnePlus having promised in the previous week to roll out the CyanogenMod 12S update as well as the new Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One users by the time March 30 rolls around. Apparently, this is not going to happen in a few days’ time, since OnePlus One’s representative, David, made a post on Reddit that cited giving away free handsets to a select few rather than rolling out the update.

This means that the CyanogenMod 12S update is delayed, and one cannot help but wonder just when will this particular version pick up a stable status. OnePlus’ very own Oxygen OS too, will need to go through additional testing prior to it being released officially. OnePlus One users will need to go through the steps of downloading the Oxygen OS manually before performing an installation on their respective handsets, rather than having it as an Over The Air (OTA) update in the same vein as that of the CyanogenMod one.

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