We’re not sure how many of you guys remember this, but back in the day shoes that came with lights in the heel that would light up whenever you walked were a pretty big thing. It was a trend that unfortunately did not live very long, although to date you still see some kids who are wearing variants of the design.

However instead of being used for casual wear, wouldn’t such shoes work better in a performing context? That’s what Japanese startup No New Folks Studio are trying to do with the launch of their Indiegogo campaign that is basically seeking funding for similar shoes dubbed Orphe. However instead of merely activating by pressure, these shoes take things to the next level.

They will be fitted with 100 color LEDs that are serially controlled. It will also feature motion sensors, a wireless Bluetooth module, and an accompanying app that will allow the wearer of the shoes to program it to respond in certain ways, like in a dance routine for example. According to the company, “Orphe’s lights can be set to change along with the speed and orientation of a dancer’s movements, allowing for various forms of expression and performance — giving motion an ‘aura’, for example, or creating a design using after-images.”

These are some pretty cool looking shoes and if you’re a dancer or if maybe you have an idea of how to use these shoes apart from the casual wear context, perhaps its Indiegogo campaign could be worth checking out.

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