Project-Ara-radiation-sensorOne of the cool things about Project Ara is its ability to allow users to swap in and out modules depending on their needs. For example if your focus is on health, you could add a pulse oximeter module, but if your focus is on photography, you could swap out the camera module for a more powerful one that suits your needs.

However it seems that thanks to Project Ara’s modularity, it is possible that the handset could be configured and used in non-commercial settings as well. Recently a Russian company by the name of Intersoft has unveiled a new module for the handset called the DO-RA module. This is a radiation sensor module that will feature a dosimeter radiometer that is capable of measuring the level of radiation in the environment the user is in.

The prototype was unveiled during the second Project Ara conference and will come in three different sizes. A specially created Android app will accompany the module that will allow users to control it and configure it. So who would need such a module, you ask? Like we said this could allow for non-commercial use of the handset and according to its creators, they think that the DO-RA module could be used by the police or pilots who might have have more exposure to radiation in their line of work.

This will help reduce the need for larger and bulkier Geiger counters, although since Project Ara still has some ways to go before being released, this might take a while, but it is still an exciting prospect nonetheless.

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