82yo internetIf there is one thing that you can be sure about children these days, it would be this – they happen to spend a whole lot more time watching a screen, and do bear in mind that this does not translate to traditional TV viewing since screen time for TVs has dropped. In a new report, little ones aged five all the way to 16 have been found to spend an average of six and a half hours per day in front of a screen. If you were to take the 1995 generation, the amount of screen time back then stood at approximately three hours. This report hails from market research firm Childwise, and I do wonder when would the number of hours taper off in the future, taking into consideration it cannot continue to experience a similar scale of growth since that would be illogical

The report also mentioned that teenaged boys do spend the longest amount of time with an average of eight hours, while eight-year-old girls spend the least, which would be three-and-a-half hours. The amount of screen time comprises of time spent watching TV, playing games on a console, making use of a tablet or smartphone, or enjoying a computer.

The report would survey approximately 2,000 children within the age range of five to 16. Research executive Matthew Nevard shared, “The main difference from the 1990s is that then TV and magazines were the main ways for connecting kids to the media and now they have different devices from tablets, mobiles, games consoles and they have a much higher screen time.”

Parents, what is your role in ensuring that there is a healthy balance between screen time and that of the real world?

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