Curved-Monitor_se591c-27Most of us still use regular flat LCD monitors at home or at work. In fact there might still be some users that rely on those old CRT monitors simply because they’d rather not spend money on new ones. In any case if you’re looking to upgrade your monitor and maybe see what all the fuss is about with regards to curved monitors, Samsung has recently announced five new models.

These models include the 23.5- and 27-inch SE510C, 27-inch SE591C, 29-inch SE790C, and the 31.5-inch SE590C. Naturally apart from their sizes, there will be some differences between the models. For example the SE510C and SE591C will feature a 4,000R radius curvature, while the SE790C and SE590C with a 3,000R curvature which according to Samsung, is the best-in-class.

Curved-Monitor_20150320The latter two models will also come with built-in speakers, with the SE790C sporting a WFHD resolution of 2560×1080, while the remaining models will come with the standard Full HD resolution at 1920×1080. The contrast ratios are 3000:1 for all the models save for the SE590C which is 5000:1. Response time is also 4ms across the board.

Samsung is also introducing an eye-saver mode which is supposed to help reduce the harmful effect of blue light during prolonged periods of use. The flicker-free feature is also designed to reduce the amount of flickering that could cause strain on one’s eyes. Pricing and availability of the monitors have yet to be announced, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for it.

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