galaxy-edge-bladeApril Fool’s Day has kicked off in different parts of the world where the time zone is ahead of the US, and Samsung certainly wants to have some fun as well with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge smart knife. You know for sure that this is a hilarious gag right from the very beginning, but hear out Samsung’s explanation and justification for it before laughing your head off.

Touted to be the “ultimate cooking companion”, it was made with the modern chef in mind, where it will continue from where its Chef Collection series left off, with Samsung working to bring its commitment to culinary expertise and cutting-edge technology to an unprecedented level.

Sporting the smartphone capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, this smart knife model will sport an edge that is so sharp and strong, even Wolverine would turn green looking at it. It basically doubles up as a chef’s knife other than playing the primary role of being your smartphone. Equipped with a razor-sharp diamond edge, it is tough enough to cut through a lobster tail, and one wonders whether this can turn into a unique self defense tool – if it were real in the first place, of course. Definitely a funny story to kick off this year’s April Fool celebrations for sure. [Press Release]

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