samsung flexible patentWhen it comes to rugged and durable handsets, Samsung has their “Active” lineup of phones that are both water and dust resistant, and in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung threw in added protection to protect it against drops and knocks. That being said it seems that Samsung could be thinking about making future “Active” phones with flexible displays.

This is according to a recent Samsung patent which hints at Samsung’s plans for a rugged phone with a flexible display. As you can see in the image above, the phone will have protection along its sides and the entirely phone appears to be flexible as well. However instead of Samsung’s current curved displays, the entire phone is said to be flexible as opposed to staying curved in a fixed position like the Samsung Galaxy Round.

So what makes the handset perfect for active users? According to the patent, it suggests that the design of the phone will come with special sections that will allow the phone to clip on a user’s clothing, thus eliminating the need for special armbands or cases. The fact that it is also flexible has us imagining that it could potentially be wrapped against the arm of the wearer as one of the possibilities.

There’s no way of telling if Samsung plans on making this patent a reality, but considering that the company has dabbled in flexible/curved displays, we wouldn’t be surprised if a flexible phone might be in the works for the future.

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