de5ypy6uEarlier this year, T-Mobile unveiled their latest Uncarrier plan in which the company is willing to pay the early termination fees of their customers in order to make them switch to the carrier. This offer is valued up to $650 which is $200 more than AT&T’s own offer, but now it looks like Sprint could be taking a page out of T-Mobile’s book.

Thanks to a recently leaked photo on the S4GRU forum, it has been revealed that starting on the 4th of April, Sprint will be launching their own plan in which they will be paying customers up to $650 to switch to the carrier. The ad also states that this offer will last until the 8th of May.

However this isn’t a direct copy of T-Mobile’s strategy because unlike T-Mobile, Sprint will not be paying for your ETF. Instead they will be giving customers up to $300 to trade-in their smartphone and a $350 Visa giftcard for every line that has been successfully transferred onto their network.

We guess essentially this kind of balances out whatever ETF you might have to pay to make the switch, but if your plan was already ending, we guess this deal will work out in your favor. We don’t expect all customers to get the full $300 for their trade-ins, and presumably newer phones in better working conditions will fetch a higher price.

Sprint has yet to confirm this but presumably once it goes live tomorrow, we will know if it is the real deal. In the meantime T-Mobile’s CMO, Mike Sievert, tweeted his response to the leaked photo which reads, “I think @sprint has a crush on us. First copying Magenta, now our ETF offer? Warning: offer requires you use Sprint.” So, what do you guys think of Sprint’s latest move?

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