Titanfall is a very popular multiplayer first-person shooter with just one caveat. It is exclusive to Microsoft. In order to play the game you must have the Xbox 360 or Xbox One. It is also available for Windows PC. PlayStation owners were kept out of the fray but there is good news for them today. Respawn CEO has confirmed that the Titanfall sequel is not a Microsoft exclusive and that it will most definitely arrive on the PlayStation 4. Respawn CEO Vince Campella said about the sequel that “It’ll be multiplatform.”


Titanfall was released last March. It is Respawn’s first release. Respawn is a relatively new studio which is comprised of industry veterans from the likes of Infinity Ward, which has served as a Call of Duty developer.

It’s different from conventional first-person shooter games because it doesn’t have a proper single-player campaign. Instead Titanfall focuses on pitting real players against each other in multiplayer matches.

When the title arrived last year rumors began popping up claiming that the sequel will not be a Microsoft exclusive. Today the confirmation has come straight from Respawn itself so there’s no two ways about it now.

Zampella didn’t reveal any major details about the sequel though, it is not known if it will be called Titanfall 2 or something else, and whether it is going to shift towards a more conventional first-person shooter style.

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