irisscan_0Fingerprint scanners are a great way to protect our mobile devices since fingerprints are unique to every person. However in the past it has been shown that with the right tools, fingerprint scanners can be tricked/hacked, which is why iris scanners could be the next big thing in mobile security.

According to a new report, word on the street has it that Samsung could be looking to include iris scanners in their next tablet. The South Korean tech giant is said to be collaborating with SRI International to help develop this feature. For those unfamiliar, SRI International was the company who helped build Siri before it was acquired and integrated into iOS by Apple.

In SRI International’s press release, “The initial product for this supply agreement will be a customized Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 tablet with a built-in IOM iris module.” That being said, SRI Internationals iris scanner is said to be 10,000 times more accurate than a regular fingerprint scanner which can be found on a handful of high-end mobile devices these days.

Interestingly enough we have been hearing a bit about iris scanning technology making its way into consumer devices lately. Prior to this, it was revealed that one of Windows 10’s security features would be iris recognition that would allow a more secure login alongside fingerprint and facial recognition. It will be interesting to see how accurate and efficient this technology will be in mobile devices, but what do you guys think?

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