Xiaomi_MiBand_smart_bracelet_6Last week Xiaomi said that they would be hosting an event in the US on the 12th of February in which many had speculated would be where Xiaomi announces their entrance into the US market, a speculation which was unfortunately shot down by the company themselves, but it seems that there was some truth to it.

The company has recently unveiled to the press that they will be launching a store in the US and before you get too excited, it isn’t a store where they will be selling phones. Instead this store in the US will be to sell the company’s other gadgets and accessories, like their headphones and Mi Band fitness tracker, just to name a few.

Of course we reckon that this US store launch is probably a stepping stone for Xiaomi before they break into the US market for real. After all one of Xiaomi’s execs Hugo Barra did mention before that the company did have plans for the North American market, but it would take some time and easing into it with these smaller products is a step in that direction.

Barra added, “The amount of effort required to bring those products [phones and tablets] to market is significant. We just have to move at the right pace. So we’re accelerating our entry in a sense by bringing simpler products,” citing other reasons like manufacturing, packaging, regulations, and software as some of the other hurdles the company would have to overcome, but like we said, this store could be a start.

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