apple_logoThe idea of a trade-in program is to provide customers with a way of getting rid of an old phone while saving money on a new phone in the process. In some ways it is a win-win situation and rarely does one expect to profit when it comes to making a trade-in. However it seems that Apple customers in China aren’t too happy with the prices Apple has been offering.

As you might have heard, Apple has recently launched a trade-in program in China in which customers can bring in old phones and trade them for a new one at a lower price. However according to reports, the prices offered by Apple for older devices are significantly lower than what these customers could get outside. Some even claim that it is half the price of what another retailer would pay them for their device.

It also seems that Apple does not factor in your phone’s storage capacity when calculating its value. As you know, iPhones with higher storage tend to be priced a lot more which means that you would expect a 128GB iPhone to be worth more than its 16GB model, but apparently it seems that isn’t take into consideration so in some ways, some users are making an even bigger loss than others.

That being said customers are more than welcome to trade their phones in at a different store if they feel that they could get a better deal, but for those who were hoping that Apple would be fair in giving them a good price, you might be disappointed.

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