apple force touchThere have been rumors that Apple could be thinking of incorporating Force Touch technology from the Apple Watch into their next-gen iPhone, and now a report from DigiTimes claims that Apple is currently considering two different methods of incorporating the feature into its phones, both of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

The first is where Apple could place the sensor in between the outermost protective screen and the in-cell touch panels. The second option is placing the sensor beneath the touch panel backlighting layer. However it seems that the second option is more likely as the first option could potentially lead to interference with the in-cell touch panel.

The second option does have a slight drawback in which it could take up more space, which is why DigiTimes’ sources claim that the second option would see Apple adding extra touch sensor components as well as a flexible printed circuit design which would help to cut down on space when the sensor is added into the phone.

The idea of incorporating Force Touch into the Cupertino company’s next-gen iPhone certainly sounds like a great idea. However there are some rumors which claims that the feature might only be limited to the larger model, which at the moment is being referred to as the iPhone 6s Plus.

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