We’ve all seen the movies where cars can be parked using remote control. How cool would that be if our cars these days came with that feature, right? It would be incredibly handy for drivers to get into tight spots or drivers who aren’t particularly confident as standing outside your car and parking it might give them better perspective.

The good news is that you won’t have to wait much longer because BMW’s 2016 flagship 7 series will come with that feature. Prior to this, BMW’s i3 has a self-parking feature, but the 7 series will mark it as the first time that you can actually park while standing outside your vehicle, how cool is that?

Now apart from this rather nifty feature, another feature worth mentioning that will be part of BMW’s 7 series is it gesture control. Basically this will allow the user to wave their hands around inside the car to interact with it. For example users will be able to accept and reject calls using gestures, or even control their media playback. This should be safer than having to fumble for the controls or your mobile device.

Now as for pricing, BMW has not mentioned how much their 2016 7 series will cost, especially with all these new fangled features, but given that the 2015 model starts around $68,500 mark and goes up to $130,000, you’d probably want to start saving.

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