roewe-e50-china-1With the world’s natural resources starting to deplete, it is not surprising that we’re turning to alternate means, such as creating electric cars to replace fuel cars in an attempt to reduce the amount of fuel we consume. Right now there are several companies who are building electric cars, such as Tesla who is probably one of the biggest names at the moment.

However it looks like China is not content with letting the US, European, and Japanese car companies corner that particular market and has announced plans to start building electric cars of their own. The company that will be leading the charge is CH-Auto Technology which is led by Lu Qun, a former executive at Jeep who dreams of creating China’s first homegrown electric sports car.

Just like how most Chinese companies approach the competition, Lu Qun’s plan is to design and create a battery-powered sports car that would be cheaper than their European gasoline counterparts. Assuming that everything goes according to plan, the company plans to begin production of their first car in late 2016.

It seems that the demand for electric cars is on the rise in China. A report from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers has put the sale of electric cars in 2014 at 18,000 which is apparently quadruple the number from 2013.

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