DARPA has been working on guided bullets for a while now and in the latest footage released, it shows that their EXACTO bullet will be able to hit moving targets. Basically the idea of guided bullets is to help increase accuracy, especially in conditions that might not necessarily be ideal and would also allow novices to shoot just as much on-point as the professionals.

In the video above, DARPA shows how both the novice and experienced shooter can hit a moving target. However in the case of a more experienced shooter, the EXACTO bullet will also be able to hit actively evading targets as well which is even more impressive. According to Jerome Dunn, DARPA’s program manager, “True to DARPA’s mission, EXACTO has demonstrated what was once thought impossible: the continuous guidance of a small-caliber bullet to target.”

Dunn also adds, “This live-fire demonstration from a standard rifle showed that EXACTO is able to hit moving and evading targets with extreme accuracy at sniper ranges unachievable with traditional rounds. Fitting EXACTO’s guidance capabilities into a small .50-caliber size is a major breakthrough and opens the door to what could be possible in future guided projectiles across all calibers.”

We have to admit that it is pretty cool but it seems that more work still needs to be done on the technology, such as further improving its accuracy. There is still no word on when it is expected to make its way into the guns of American snipers.

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