mid-air-bulletTruth can be stranger than fiction at times, but there are moments when fiction does inspire some amazing technological advancements in the real world. For those who have watched “Wanted” that starred Angelina Jolie a few years back, you would have seen how the Fraternity’s assassins were able to curve bullets – but knowing that achieving such level of marksmanship in real life is impossible, perhaps the next best thing that is considered to be “doable” – would be to roll out bullets that are capable of changing directions in mid-flight.

Apparently, the United States Department of Defense has managed to successfully test a bullet which is capable of altering its direction after been fired, where this is made possible not through skill of the shooter, but rather, with the assistance of fins that have been integrated into the bullet’s shell, which will be able to direct it in the air as well as take into account for wind and targets moving.

Also known as Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance weapon, or Exacto for short, it is the brainchild of Teledyne Technologies, and this bullet is being researched and developed for DARPA, which is the US government’s military research agency. What do you think of such developments in the world of firearms?

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