DELL-Venue-10-7000-01In San Francisco, Dell has just announced a new 10-inch Android tablet: the Dell Venue 10 7000. In the same family line as the Venue 8 7000, this model has a much different design, which is best embodied by a barrel edge that features a magnetic connector for an external backlit (ultra thin) keyboard.

As we have seen before with tablets, such as the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, the barrel edge design can add much needed internal volume, but can also add extra grip when holding the tablet. Thinness (or the loss of) is really the price to pay for it, but sometimes it’s well worth it.


The 10.5” OLED display has a resolution of 2560×1600, and I really liked the quality of the image. Just on top of it, there is a camera powered by Intel Realsense which is capable of capturing both image and depth at the same time (not unlike the XBOX Kinect).

The depth information allows it to know the relative distance of the subject and can be used by image algorithms to defocus photo backgrounds to have a nice bokeh effect.

Inside, the Dell Venue 10 7000 will be powered by Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and will also support Android For Work, which basically gives two distinct personalities to your tablet to secure enterprise data and keep user privacy at the same time. An Intel Atom Z3580 (quad-core) processor is powering the tablet and is responsible for the high responsiveness of the system.

With this, the employer has control over the work content of the phone (including remote-wiping it), and at the same time, your company does not have access to your personal data. Dell is providing additional IT management tools called Dell Mobile Management and Dell Mobile Workspace solutions.

I’ve asked Kelli Hodges (Brand Experience Manager Client Solutions Dell) to present us the tablet on video:

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