DotA 2 games can last very long or very short, it really depends on the caliber of the players and also the decision of players who might want to hold on and keep battling it out, or who will quickly call it a day when they’ve recognized that they’ve been beat. However in the latest patch to the game which brings it to version 6.84, things should theoretically move faster.

This isn’t so much a speed up in the gameplay itself, but rather how players are rewarded with gold and experience. In the latest patch, Valve has made changes to how players are rewarded with gold, namely by increasing the amount they get from killing heroes creeps. While creeps are still a way for players to farm for gold, these changes will make hero hunting more attractive by an increase of 10%.

In fact creep kills have been cut by 6.25% for range lane creeps and 7% for melee lane creeps. The team bounties for destroying buildings have also increased with melee barracks increased from 175 to 275, ranged barracks from 100 to 225, while tier 2 and 3 towers see their armor reduced slightly from 25 to 22.

These changes don’t seem to be particularly profound but it is the opinion of some that this should result in much faster gameplay because the more gold players get, the better items they can buy, which in turn makes them powerful enough to end games quickly, but what say you? Are you excited to some of the changes brought about by the 6.84 update?

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