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Brilliant Control, Smart Home Control with Touch Display and Voice Command
Brilliant Control is an innovative smart home controller equipped with a touch display that you can install in minutes by replacing on of your regular light switch with it, and… it does not require a smartphone!On the paper, the device looks way easier to install than smart home hubs such as Smarthings, which is compatible with over 200 smart devices and does not offer such an intuitive user experience.Brilliant Control […]

HiMirror Smart Mirror Review: Hands-On
Everything and anything is now connected and we were expecting the bathroom would remain protected from the invasion of connectivity and the constant influx of information that goes with it… well, no.Today, HiMirror is born to provide people with the best information about their skin status in real-time. Basically, the device is a large (11” x 16.5” ) humidity resistant tablet, that runs Android, with a reflective coating on the […]

Google Home, AI-powered Smart Speaker Costs $129, Cheaper than Amazon Echo
Google Home, the competitive smart speaker to the Amazon Echo, unveiled at Google I/O, officially launched today. Now available for pre-order for $129 and shipping on November 4th, Google Home is powered by Google Assistant, the voice activated and AI-driven virtual assistant also built-in the new Google Pixel smartphone.Just by talking to your Google Home, you will be able to start playing music, get answers from Google, manage everyday tasks […]

Sona Connected Bracelet Review: Hands-on
There are zillions of smart bracelets, fitness trackers of all shapes and forms out there, and it’s hard to know what added value they offer besides tracking  your steps, your running sessions and your sleep patterns. The most advanced have an integrated heart rate monitor, and for people who like to charge devices often, some feature  a nice screen, colored or not. For me personally, they cannot do much, because […]


ORA-X the AR Headphones with Heads Up Display
We saw the ORA-X as a concept device at CES 2015, and we were excited to see a working prototype and a demo by CTO Khaled Sarayeddine a few days ago.Optinvent, the company behind the ORA-X AR Headphones have been working on smart glasses for a long time, and they really know what they are doing when it comes to wearable transparent display.As Google quit on their Glass for consumers, […]

G-RO Is A Smart Luggage Solution For The Smart Generation
Most of us can’t imagine traveling without our smart devices these days and fear how we’ll sit through the journey if our iPods die out or our tablets are no longer able to play another episode of the new show we’re binging on. G-RO is a smart luggage solution that aims to address those concerns and eliminate many others, it promises to be “intelligent luggage without the baggage.”

Droplet Smart Reminder Enters Kickstarter Phase
Droplet happens to be a smart, wireless button which is discreet enough to be attached to just about anything. In fact, all that you need to do is to tap the button in order to keep track activities including the likes of household chores, fitness goals and even the taking of one’s medication. The moment you are done with your particular task, press the Droplet button, and you would have […]

Grush Gaming Toothbrush for Kids
I saw the Grush gaming toothbrush a few months ago when it was an early stage prototype, and I am happy to see it launching at CES. The main gaol of Grsuh is to make the brushing a fun experience rather than a chore. Most kids hate brushing their teeth and Grush promises to make them love it.Like any wearable device, Grush feature motion-sensing technology that detects the toothbrush motion during […]

Smappee User Friendly Home Energy Management System Launches in the U.S.
Smappee is an energy management solution that comprises a box and a mobile application to monitor all the appliances and heat system in the home.According to Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder, Samppee can help homeowners save up to 12% on their energy bills. He explained that his solution is efficient for saving energy due to the user centric approach and the real-time feedback provided by the mobile app.Smappee launched in […]

Nest And Developers Help Make Homes Safer
Nest, the company that was gobbled up by Google for $3.2 billion earlier this year, has come under the spotlight yet again with word of Google/Nest picking up Dropcam for a cool $555 million. Does the buck stop here? For the moment, at the very least, but what we are interested in is this: Is Nest able to fulfill what it set out to do in the first place? Right […]

Google/Nest Announces Acquisition Of Dropcam For $555 Million
Earlier this year, Google announced that they would be acquiring Nest, the company behind smart home gadgets like the Nest Protect and the their smart thermostat. Now you might have heard that Google has interest in other home-related gadgets, and a rumor from last month suggested that Google could be looking to acquire Dropcam.Well it turns out that the rumors were right because Nest (which we guess is technically owned […]

Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide Connected Stylus and Ruler for iPad
Today, Adobe introduced two new pieces of hardware to enhance the drawing experience on tablets, namely the stylus Adobe Ink and the connected ruler Adobe Slide.Adobe Ink is a three-sided stylus for iPad running iOS7 that features 2048 pressure levels, the current highest standard for digital pens.  Ink allows user to draw on the iPad and connects to Creative Cloud, where users can access their creative assets and their apps.Adobe […]

Frebble Lets You Hold Hands Online
We often do not realize how important it is to be able to touch someone. Touching someone allows us to connect with the other person emotionally, and if you’re the sort of person who travels frequently and are away from your loved ones often, then touch becomes all the more important in order to let them know how you feel.While chatting online and video conferencing is a good way to […]

Honeywell Launches Lyric Smart Thermostat
In 1953, Honeywell introduced its iconic round thermostat, the T86, designed by Henry Dreyfuss and now part of the Cooper Hewitt museum’s collection. Since Nest has launched its round and smart thermostat, Honeywell never stopped suing the company for patent infringement, probably to kill the super innovative new comer.The Lyric looks a little like the Nest, the main similarity lies in its rounded shape and the quality of the materials […]

Big Ass Fans Unveils The Haiku Smart Fan
There are smartwatches, smartphones, and now we guess there are even smart fans? Well that’s what Big Ass Fans is calling their latest product, the Haiku ceiling fan. In fact they’re going as far calling it the world’s first smart ceiling fan, but what exactly is it about the fan that qualifies it to be called a smart fan?Well it will come with an onboard computer with SenseME technology. There […]

Make Your AC Smart With Sensibo
We live in an age where it’s increasingly important for all of our things to be “smart.” From smartglasses to smartwatches, the idea is that almost everything we use should be internet-connected and much more efficient than it has ever been. A nifty little device called Sensibo is on a mission to make air conditioners smart. Its compatible with any AC that works with a remote control and since it uses 3M: […]

Zepp Offers 3D Tennis Swing Analysis On The Go
Zepp Labs today announced the launch of “the first ever consumer technology” that lets tennis players and coaches analyze serves in 3D. The improved and updated Zepp Tennis app enables them to analyze all of that crucial information on their smartphone or tablet, thus truly offering an on the go solution from players to improve their game. All they have to do is attach the Zepp multi-sport sensor to the handle of […]

Arduino And Atmel Announce The Arduino Zero 32-bit Extension
For those interested in the Internet of Things, connected objects, home automation, wearable technology, and the likes, the Arduino has something for you that you might be interested in. The company has recently announced that they have partnered up with Atmel to unveil the Arduino Zero, a 32-bit extension of the platform that has been established by Arduino UNO.According to them, the Arduino Zero will be powered by Atmel’s SAMD21 […]

Parrot Bebop Drone Dedicated to Video Shooting – Hands-On
Last Wednesday in San Fancisco, Parrot CEO Henri Seydoux showed us several demos of the company’s brand new Bebop Drone, which is basically a 180 degree view 14 MP camera equipped with four three-blade propellers. After the success of the A.R. Drone, which sold over 700,000 units worldwide, Parrot is eager to innovate in the civilian drone arena.Despite its 12 minutes battery life, the Bebop Drone is quite fun to […]

Cortana Hacked And Used For Home Automation
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use your smartphone to control your home appliances? Well, we suppose that is technically possible, thanks to apps and devices like the WeMo or the D-Link WiFi Smart Plug, but wouldn’t it be cooler if you could activate or deactivate certain features just by using your voice?Well the hackers over at have recently put on a demonstration of home automation using Microsoft’s […]