Google has often been criticized for not exercising strong control on the applications that are available through the Play Store. The company has taken some concrete steps to curb malware spread through apps and now it has introduced a new program for developers which will make it easier for users to find out in just one glance if an app is family-friendly or not.

The new developer program is called “Designed For Families,” and developers can opt into it. If they do their apps will go through an additional review which will determine whether or not the app is family-friendly. If it is, it will be awarded a label which shows that.

This means that users will simply be able to judge from a glance if the app is suitable enough to be installed on a device to which their kids have access to. Not only that, parents will easily be able to discover apps suitable for their kids which might otherwise get buried under the sheer volume of apps on the Play Store.

Google has not yet revealed how it will differentiate these apps on the Play Store once the labels start getting slapped on family-friendly apps.

According to Google in order to get this label the apps will go through a “stringent legal and policy bar,” as well as a specialized operations review before they’re classified as such.

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