google-maps-bodyIt goes without saying that using Google Maps is more or less secondary nature to many of us, and for good reason, too. After all, it does offer one of the most accurate representations of getting around, especially in unfamiliar territory, and here we are with the idea that was inspired by Google Maps, except that it is for the human body this time around. By saying that, I mean it can zoom in from entire organs, all the way down to individual cells.

It would be the very same algorithms that were utilized in zooming in and out on Google Maps and Google Street View, that opened the door for one to traverse through layers of the body in a visual manner. For starters, one can begin with an entire joint, where the “journey” will subsequently go all the way down to the cellular level.

With this new imaging system, it will definitely have huge implications in the world of medicine since it would drastically reduce the amount of time required for one to analyze and compare data. Imaging technology that was initially developed to scan for defects in silicon wafers were used, and coupled with Google’s Maps algorithms, the researchers have come up with quite a winning combination here. [Press Release]

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