ikea wireless chargingEarly last month we reported that Swedish furniture maker IKEA had revealed their plans for building more furniture with wireless charging support. Given that wireless charging is slowly starting to catch on with more devices supporting the standard, it would certainly be a neater solution if furnitures had the technology built into them.

The good news for IKEA fans is that these wireless charging furnitures are expected to arrive this month. The furniture maker has announced it on their website where these furnitures will be available in their stores. Alternatively for those who already know what they want, they will also be able to make their purchases online.

ikea wirelessFor starters IKEA has built-in wireless chargers into furnitures where we will most likely place our mobile devices, such as table lamps, work lamps, and bedside tables. There is even a floor lamp with a wireless charger if you’re the type that places their mobile devices on the floor to charge. However if these solutions aren’t for you, IKEA has also created charging pads designed to blend in with existing furniture.

ikea_charging_padNo word on pricing just yet but like we said, they should be available in-store or online come mid-April so we guess we will learn more about it then. In the meantime are you planning on picking up any of these furnitures for your wireless charging needs?

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