ikeablinkIKEA, the furniture giant who made flat packs famous all the world over (not to mention their ever delicious meatballs that I simply cannot have enough of!), has the vision and will to deliver wireless charging-capable furniture from April this year onward, now how about that? The world’s biggest furniture manufacturer intends to start selling the likes of tables, work desks, nightstands and other pieces of furniture that will be able to charge up your smartphones sans wires, and this new range will hit North America and Europe this April 15, with plans drawn up to make their way to different regions in due time.

This is a welcome change by IKEA, as they rarely take such a big step forward in technology, as IKEA’s mainstays tend to be huge showroom stores, extremely affordable assemble-it-yourself furniture, and the ilk. I suppose that the inclusion of wireless charging capability in its furniture would mean that it will deliver a greater level of convenience – not to mention one more reason to take the IKEA route the next time you are on the lookout for new furniture.

The Wireless Power Consortium would be happy, too, as they pick up a new and powerful ally in the form of IKEA and the Qi technology.

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