howbook-metaioMetaio is no stranger when it comes to augmented reality technology, and their particular expertise in this field has led them to come up with an interactive catalog – one which is very different from what we have seen in the past. In fact, their latest endeavors would see the creation of a universal scanner, not to mention what has been deemed to be the largest interactive catalog to date for Bed Bath & Beyond, now how about that?

This particular “universal scanner” would enable Bed Bath & Beyond, the wedding registry destination, to make their annual registry catalog which is widely circulated, all the more interesting. Known as the Howbook, it will see the introduction of product hotspots that can be added straight onto the pages. It will be based upon Metaio Continuous Visual Search technology, as the scanner for the Bed Bath & Beyond app will be able to scan UPCs, QR codes, and product hotspots.

The registry catalog itself will boast of 92 pages as well as over 1,000 hotspots, making it the most ever created for a single catalog. It looks like there is a new benchmark being set by this Bed Bath & Beyond app when it comes to e-commerce applications. Surely shopping is not going to be the same ever again for this tech savvy generation.

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